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Introducing Navybear

16 January, 2022

This is an introduction to one of my older projects which, unlike a lot of my projects, is actually useful.

High Speed Digital Design

26 November, 2021

It occurred to me just now that I haven’t anything about my uni work or electronics in general. One of the more interesting modules I’m doing is called “Microwave & High Speed Digital Design”.

Chirpstack Server Update

16 August, 2021

Last time I posted I talked about the setting up of a LoRaWAN Chirpstack server. At the end I wondered if it would be possible to run it all on a single Raspberry Pi.

Setting Up A Chirpstack Server

07 August, 2021

I recently got involved with LoRaWAN networks as a side project for university. During my short time looking at the technology it has become clear that there is a lot more to it than I first thought.

Why You Should Not Use Arduino

31 July, 2021

Like a lot a people who are getting into electronics I got started with an Arduino. It wasn’t long after I started with the Arduino Uno that I went down the rabbit hole.

A Bedtime Repair

25 July, 2021

My daughter has a small sound machine that plays white noise/crackling camp fires etc. It has been playing up recently and originally I thought it was the power connector but this evening it completely stopped.