Gareth Waymark

Chirpstack Server Update

16 August, 21

Category: electronics

Last time I posted I talked about the setting up of a LoRaWAN Chirpstack server. At the end I wondered if it would be possible to run it all on a single Raspberry Pi.

Well yes it does. I installed the Chirpstack packages from the Raspbian repos and quickly got them configured. I also installed InfluxDB and Grafana from the repos and got the whole thing working in less than 30 minutes. The whole thing has been running for seven days with one node and 5 days with two nodes. Both nodes were setup to measure temperature. So far it seems reliable and Grafana has allowed me to see some interesting temperature spikes occurring in the house at particular times of day.

I don’t doubt that the Raspberry Pi can manage this small workload for many months or even years if the SD card holds out. I have run out of nodes at the moment so I can’t add any more but I’m going to see how long it can run before needing resetting etc.