Gareth Waymark

General Posts

Last Lecture

13 May, 2022

Today I am attending the last university lecture of my degree. It’s been five years since I began my degree. What felt like an huge risk quickly became my new normal.

Stressful Times

21 March, 2022

This is the first post for a few weeks now. A lot has been happening with uni and now job hunting. I’ve sat exams and moved onto the last three modules before graduating.

I Need To Get Some Exercise

17 February, 2022

Through my twenties I was very active and used to train for triathlon events. During my late twenties/early thirties I used to cycle the ten miles to work each morning and cycle home again. My bike was my primary method of commuting as we only had one car and my wife would drive to work.

Goodbye Wordle

01 February, 2022

I read in the news this morning that the online word guessing game Wordle has been sold to the New York Times for a seven figure sum.

Isolation Update

15 January, 2022

It has been four days since I started isolating with my 5yo daughter who tested positive for Covid on Tuesday 11th.

Stuck Indoors With Covid

14 January, 2022

It has finally happened. Covid has breached our defences. My 5yo daughter came home from school on Tuesday with a headache and a temperature.

Back To Uni

23 October, 2021

For the past two weeks I’ve been commuting between uni and home four days a week. it’s come as a bit of a shock after so much time off due to Covid. Although I’m not sure how much longer it’ll stay like this.

I Give Up With Sonos

09 October, 2021

I have finally given up with the Sonos speakers.

Book Buying Spree

24 August, 2021

For the last couple of days I’ve been looking on Amazon for 2nd hand computer books. So far I’ve ordered 7!

Post Instagram Fomo

22 July, 2021

Having finally deleted my Facebook, and hence my Instagram account, I have not missed them; until a few days ago.

Unlocking Woes

16 July, 2021

Here in the UK, all Covid 19 restrictions are being lifted on Monday 19th July. For some this is a day of celebration. For others it is a day to be feared.

First Post

15 July, 2021

As the title says, this is the first blog post. The blog design is still a work in progress but a little introduction wouldn’t go amiss.