Gareth Waymark

First Post

15 July, 21

Category: general

As the title says, this is the first blog post. The blog design is still a work in progress but a little introduction wouldn’t go amiss.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while but never made any serious attempt to start. Although I will post about things like electronics design, programming & Linux, the final push came from a very different subject; Health.

As we keep on being told in the media, obesity is a problem that is on the increase. I am lucky in that my weight is stable and, at 6 foot 2 & 80 kg, I’m not overweight even though my diet is pretty bad. I have become fascinated by how some people can eat, apparently what they like, and yet others only have to look at a chocolate bar and they gain a kg. For a long time I felt that it was as simple as eating less than the energy you expend, and it is, kind of. Scientists are only just starting to understand, or not, the complexity of the human mind and food.

We’ve all heard of junk food, but now a new term, ultra processed food, is being used to describe these foods that are typically wrapped in plastic and contain countless ingredients. I plan to cut out as much of this ultra processed food as I can from my diet and attempt to document my journey.