Gareth Waymark

Unlocking Woes

16 July, 21

Category: general

Here in the UK, all Covid 19 restrictions are being lifted on Monday 19th July. For some this is a day of celebration. For others it is a day to be feared.

My son, A, is severely disabled and, as he is only 8 years old, he is not suitable for a Covid vaccination. Trials are being run on children his age but we do not expect this to change much in the near future. My wife & I are double vaccinated but we are still feeling uneasy about the vast numbers of new cases; currently 50,000+ as of today. So, I hear you say, he’s 8. He’ll be fine. Kids aren’t getting seriously ill. No, they’re not. But, the handful of kids that have died have had the sort of neurological conditions similar to that A has. (A has an extremely rare genetic mutation with less than 100 known cases in the world.)

For us, "Freedom Day" as it is known will not be a day of celebration for our family but a day of more self imposed isolation. We do understand that this virus is going to be with us forever more. We have read and absorbed as much information about this virus as anybody could. We agree that the lifting of restrictions is the right thing to do now that the vaccines seem to be holding for the majority. Unfortunately our family isn’t the majority, it’ll be collateral damage, lost in the daily figures that no-one really listens to any more. We’ll be hanging on, just that little bit longer until it feels a bit safer or until A gets a vaccination.