Gareth Waymark

I Give Up With Sonos

09 October, 21

Category: general

I have finally given up with the Sonos speakers.

We have a Play:1 and a One SL and we usually sync them together to play internet radio or stream from my music collection stored on a Linux server. Its a nice tidy setup and the sound quality is pretty good. Unfortunately we often have problems with the speakers disappearing from the app which then means we can’t play anything until we reboot everything. This often means we just don’t bother putting the radio on because it’s too much hassle.

Along with the regular inability to use the 400 quids worth of speakers, Sonos have previously ended up in hot water due to deliberately bricking units when a customer agrees to replace it with a newer version at a discount. My big issue with this is the unnecessary e-waste produced just to sell a new product when there is nothing wrong with the old one. Combined with ridiculous planned obsolescence it shows a company interested in nothing but greed and profit.

So it is for these reasons why I’m selling them and putting the money towards a simpler home music solution. No smart speakers or internet streaming. Just old fashioned FM, DAB and a bit of Bluetooth. Listening to the radio waves all around us has to be better for the environment than streaming the same station live.