Gareth Waymark

I Need To Get Some Exercise

17 February, 22

Category: general

Through my twenties I was very active and used to train for triathlon events. During my late twenties/early thirties I used to cycle the ten miles to work each morning and cycle home again. My bike was my primary method of commuting as we only had one car and my wife would drive to work.

In 2017 I gave up work to go to university and also had two young children by that point so I gradually became less and less active. Now I am coming to the end of my degree and I’m looking for a job as an electronics engineer. I expect that this job will be fairly sedentary as well.

I recently rode my bike and was shocked at how unfit I was. It was like my brain remembered my old fitness but my muscles had other ideas! I’m now approaching my forties and should really think about adding some scheduled exercise into my routine. I don’t really like gyms but I might have to just get on with it to get into a good rhythm. Now that the pandemic is starting to ease up I guess there is no excuse!

#100daystooffload 2022. Post 9/100