Gareth Waymark

Linux Posts

A Change Of Heart

23 April, 2022

Recently I’ve been preparing for job interviews and one of the things that I thought about was which operating system would I be expected to work with. At first I assumed it would be Windows but then I thought that it might not be.

Three Months In

03 April, 2022

It’s been three months since I decided to commit to a single distro for a year. openSUSE Leap 15.3 has become my dependable friend during the final months of my degree.

A Month On Opensuse

02 February, 2022

Having made a new year resolution to stay on the same linux distro for a year I thought I would reflect on how it’s going.

New Year Resolution

04 January, 2022

Another new year is upon us and so are the obligatory life changes that are going to solve all our problems. I don’t announce any new year resolutions as I hardly ever stick to them, however, I have thought of something that could be appropriate.

My Humble Opinion On Desktop Linux

09 December, 2021

There has been quite a lot of discussion regarding the state of desktop Linux. The general gist is that Linux will not be widely adopted on the desktop for various reasons. I’ve been using Linux as my main OS for a couple of years now so I feel that my take on it might be useful.

My Latest Distro Hop

24 November, 2021

So a few weeks ago I started distro hopping again. I’m not sure what it is that I’m looking for exactly but I think I might have just found (or re-found) it.

A Quick Distro Hop

26 September, 2021

My distro of choice is Arcolinux, a distro based on Arch Linux. My main computer is a laptop and recently I’ve been trying to setup the suspend on lid close function without much luck.

Share Music To A Sonos

21 September, 2021

Getting rid of our music streaming services left our two Sonos speakers almost useless until I found how to access my music collection stored on my home server.

Emacs Update

03 September, 2021

Having used Emacs for just over a week now I thought I’d reflect on how it’s going.

My First Impressions Of Emacs

26 August, 2021

I’ve been a Linux user now for over a year and the first text editor I used was Vim. It was a little tricky to use at first but it didn’t take long to get used to the commands.