Gareth Waymark

Emacs Update

03 September, 21

Category: linux

Having used Emacs for just over a week now I thought I’d reflect on how it’s going.

I started using “Vanilla” Emacs as its known and quickly found I needed to add some extra functionality. I’d heard a lot of good things about “Doom” Emacs and so I installed it. I’m impressed with Doom and have spent a few hours getting used to it. I particularly like the “evil” package which adds all the Vim keybindings alongside all of the Emacs ones. I’m trying to learn the Emacs ones but I do find myself using the Vim ones more. It feels a bit like cheating!

One niggle I found was when I was editing a makefile. Makefiles use tabs as part of their syntax and Doom has been configured to use spaces instead. Eventually I found that you can force a tab by using C-q tab. I’m sure there is a way of configuring it but I haven’t had time to look into it.