Gareth Waymark

Share Music To A Sonos

21 September, 21

Category: linux

Getting rid of our music streaming services left our two Sonos speakers almost useless until I found how to access my music collection stored on my home server.

I have a headless server running Debian. It’s mainly used for data storage for my photos and music. I recently setup Samba and have been able to access the share from both my phone (Android) and a Windows laptop but have not been able to access it from the Sonos app. I’ve been trying to access my music from the Sonos app on the iPad and I was just about to seriously consider getting rid of the bloody things when I stumbled across a (dodgy) solution.

The Samba server needs to be configured to allow a lower version of the SMB protocol. This is considered a bad idea due to various vulnerabilities so only follow this solution if you are will to accept the risks.

Edit your /etc/samba/smb.conf file and add the following to the [global] section.

 server min protocol = NT1
 ntlm auth = ntlmv1-permitted

After adding these to the Samba config file restart the samba service or reboot. The Sonos speaker should now be configured to read the samba share.