Gareth Waymark

A Quick Distro Hop

26 September, 21

Category: linux

My distro of choice is Arcolinux, a distro based on Arch Linux. My main computer is a laptop and recently I’ve been trying to setup the suspend on lid close function without much luck.

I’ve tried all of the tricks with systemd logind etc, and I can suspend using the command line ok, just not when I close the lid. Anyway, I decided that maybe a different distro like OpenSUSE (which I used before Arcolinux) might be able to sort my issue. I installed OpenSUSE Leap 15.3 with the standard KDE Plasma desktop environment and all seemed to work ok. Great.

Less than a day later whilst installing the applications I use regularly I started to struggle to find packages that Arch has as standard. I very quickly started to miss my window manager (DWM) workflow and gave up. I’ve decided to live with the suspend problem and have gone back to Arcolinux! It feels like slipping on a well worn pair of shoes; Comfortable and familier.