Gareth Waymark

My Latest Distro Hop

24 November, 21

Category: linux

So a few weeks ago I started distro hopping again. I’m not sure what it is that I’m looking for exactly but I think I might have just found (or re-found) it.

I started my Linux journey, like a lot of people, on Ubuntu. All was wonderful in this new and exciting world. Ubuntu, with its huge amount of tutorials, was a great choice for a beginner. I then started hopping. I tried Debian for a while. I tried openSUSE Leap; A great distro until Leap 15.3. Hell, I even tried Fedora but struggled with the NVidia drivers I required at the time. Then I found Arch, or should I say Arco Linux. I hung around on Arco for what felt like ages until I decided that I wanted to use KDE plasma again as tiling window managers (which I’m a big fan of) weren’t playing nicely with Zoom which I have to use for Uni.

So my distro hopping started again. I tried Debian 11 but didn’t like the old KDE (picky I know). I tried openSUSE Tumbleweed which seemed to be going well but then I just had this calling for Arch again. I’d got used to the package manager and the available packages. So, I had an epiphany, Manjaro KDE! Ta da. I’ve honestly not felt so comfortable with a distro as I am right now. I know there are going to be people who can’t stand Arch based stuff but I don’t care. I like it and I’m proud to use it by the way.