Gareth Waymark

Three Months In

03 April, 22

Category: linux

It’s been three months since I decided to commit to a single distro for a year. openSUSE Leap 15.3 has become my dependable friend during the final months of my degree.

It has been unexpectedly pleasant to stop distro hopping. I wasn’t aware quite how much stress it was causing. Right now, every little stressor I can get rid of the better. Not only am I coming to the end of my degree, but I’m also job hunting and attending interviews.


This highlight came as a real surprise. My first job interview was on Microsoft Teams. My first thought was to boot up my Windows VM and install Teams there. That was until I stumbled across a useful package called ‘opi’ or the openSUSE Package Installer. This little program installs packages from the openSUSE Build Service as well as other vendors. I was able to install Teams with no fuss at all. And it worked first time!


To be honest the only issue I’ve had probably was more to do with me than openSUSE. I thought I’d use the yast partitioner to prepare an SD card. What I hadn’t anticipated was that it would add the SD card to my fstab file. Next time I booted the laptop it would hang and fail to boot. After a few minutes of panic I worked out that it was stopping because it couldn’t mount the SD card as it was not there.

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