Gareth Waymark

A Change Of Heart

23 April, 22

Category: linux

Recently I’ve been preparing for job interviews and one of the things that I thought about was which operating system would I be expected to work with. At first I assumed it would be Windows but then I thought that it might not be.

I’ve been watching youtube videos on a channel called ‘The Real Geek’. Some of his most recent videos in particular are quite interesting. Kent, the host, has a very different perspective to Linux and Windows and has really made me think about my attutude to Windows and other proprietary software. Is it really all as bad as some people make it out to be? Kent makes you question everything you think you know about ‘open source’ and ‘free software’.

This change of mindset for me has come at a time when I may be forced to use an OS other than Linux. If I am to succeed in my new job/career then I need to keep an open mind. I may even have to use an IDE instead of the terminal!

My two odd years of Linux use has been very interesting and has taught me a great deal. I am not about to let that make me into a person that can’t or won’t use Windows. I feel ready to accept whatever tools are sent my way.

#100daystooffload 2022. Post 12/100