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Using Mkdocs

27 January, 2022

I’ve got involved in a project at uni that aims to design and build an autonomous aircraft that can deliver payloads to target areas. It occurred to me the other day that myself and the other members of the team would benefit from some kind of knowledge base.

Migrating From Google To Nextcloud

22 January, 2022

I’ve been pondering about whether to move my online photo storage from google to a Nextcloud server. After I setup NoIP to open up my home server to the internet I finally made the jump.

Hello Jekyll

25 July, 2021

So after a few hours of reading, coding and tweaking I now generate this site using Jekyll.

Maybe Jekyll Is A Good Idea

24 July, 2021

So I started this blog a couple of weeks ago now and I decided I wanted to avoid a CMS such as Wordpress.