Gareth Waymark

Maybe Jekyll Is A Good Idea

24 July, 21

Category: web

So I started this blog a couple of weeks ago now and I decided I wanted to avoid a CMS such as Wordpress.

This was mainly because I found them confusing and I wanted to get right in and get my hands dirty by coding it myself. I came across Jekyll which would generate a static website for you but, again, wasn’t exactly sure what it was that it was achieving. Until this morning.

I decided to add a ‘Contact’ page to my site. Nothing complicated but it meant that every webpage and post needed to have its navigation bar updated. This obviously became tedious. Now, I’ve only got a few posts and it didn’t take that long but what if, in the future, I want to add an additional section? Its going to take me forever!

This is one of those beautiful moments when you suddenly realise the benefit of something. Transferring my site to Jekyll, for example, will save me time, but more importantly, I will appreciate and understand it a whole lot more. Sometimes we need to start at a fundamental level and build up.