Gareth Waymark

Migrating From Google To Nextcloud

22 January, 22

Category: web

I’ve been pondering about whether to move my online photo storage from google to a Nextcloud server. After I setup NoIP to open up my home server to the internet I finally made the jump.

I’ve used Google Photos for some years now as a means of backing up my photos from my phone. The photos that I take are mainly family snaps so nothing professional. I’ve been paying for the 100Gb storage option which was pretty good value at £1.59/month.

I have been hearing a lot about Nextcloud on various podcasts and decided to give it a go. The server setup was a bit odd as Nextcloud is not in the Debian repos and I had to set it up by downloading from the website. I also heard about NoIP which allows people who have dynamic IP addresses (which is most home users) to use a domain name to access their home servers. This has allowed me to run my own Nextcloud instance at home!

I’m in the process of downloading everything from Google Photos and I’ll host it on my Nextcloud server instead. So far, the Android Nextcloud app seems to work well, automatically uploading my photos as I take them.

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