Gareth Waymark

Using Mkdocs

27 January, 22

Category: web

I’ve got involved in a project at uni that aims to design and build an autonomous aircraft that can deliver payloads to target areas. It occurred to me the other day that myself and the other members of the team would benefit from some kind of knowledge base.

The knowledge base could be home to documentation regarding unpacking and re-packing the aircraft for events, overviews of the different components, step-by-step guides for configuring things etc. I knew I wanted it to be web based so that it was available to the whole team where ever or when ever they wanted it.

A quick search online suggested mkdocs, a python based documentation generator that works a little bit like the static site generator Jekyll. It takes markdown files and converts them into pretty html files and assembles a nice documentation website that can be uploaded to a web server. No only that, it can push the generated webpage to github pages using just one command:

mkdocs gh-deploy

What a truly marvellous thing it is!

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